Your Sweat Equity Stretches Your Budget

Undertaking a major project like a kitchen or bathroom renovation can quickly exceed your original budget - in both your wallet and your patience! However, it can be rewarding to know that you made it happen, either by writing a check, through your own physical efforts, or both.

Where You Can Contribute

Typical areas where our DIY customers contribute: demolition; materials sourcing; daily clean-up; cabinet (IKEA) construction; tiling; and painting.

It's your project. Do as little or as much as you like.

Hidden Costs - Tools

One hidden expense of DIY projects is the cost of specialized tools. Either buying or renting them can add a thousand dollars or more to your project.

Ugly Duckling will happily loan tools so you can do your "home"work just like on the remodeling TV shows.

Testimonial #1

"Ugly Duckling was highly recommended by a neighbor but we were hesitant to involve a contractor because we had visions of doing the bathroom ourselves. We are so glad we met with John! Although it took longer because of our work schedules - it definitely turned out better because of his involvement! He should host his own home improvement show!"

Testimonial #2

"John worked with us when we wanted to re-do our master bath ourselves. We consulted with him on everything! He was so patient! His team did the hard stuff (plumbing, electrical, and tiling) and we did the rest. I figured we saved about $2,000 with his guidance and hand holding."

Testimonial #3

"We started the kitchen ourselves, but quickly got in over our heads. John got things back on track and even loaned us all his tools when we wanted to try tiling the floor. We love our new kitchen!"